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Revista V!RUS_04 Diseñando la coexistencia

Se ha publicado el nuevo número de la Revista brasileña V!RUS

Outarquias contribuye con un artículo a esta excelente edición.

Abierta la convocatoria de recepción de artículos para el próximo número.


Hasta el 28 de febrero de 2011.

dear colleagues,
it is our great pleasure to release the V!RUS journal’s fourth issue,
the journal of nomads.usp – center for interactive living studies,
on the subject of DESIGNING COEXISTENCE,
with texts, videos and sound files from researchers and cultural actors
from different areas and countries.
we hope this reading will be enjoyable and stimulating,
and we ask you the kindness of helping us to disclose this V!RUS issue,
by sending the enclosed e-flyer to your e-mail lists
and your social media websites.
on behalf of the nomads.usp, we wish you an excellent new year.
with kind regards,
associate prof. dr. marcelo tramontano
university of sao paulo, brazil
institute of architecture and urbanism
nomads.usp  centre for interactive-living studies
t. +55 16 3373.9302 / 3373.8297 | f. +55 16 3373.9310
revista V!RUS | V!RUS journal

The theme of V!RUS 04, Designing coexistence, is based on the perception that, nowadays and further and further, the data of the problem presented to all those who are called upon to intervene in the cities, either planners, politicians, architects, designers, artists, social animators or scholars from various fields, are changing. It is no longer only about designing and producing physical spaces that eventually will constitute places of living or expulsion, in various scales, for populations that we think we know by heart. Above all, it is about understanding that the essence of society is altered through various phenomena such as migration, access to information, enhancement of local cultures, respect and encouragement for minorities, among many others, and that as the city is formed by these people, designing the city means designing conditions for their differences to coexist. And with dignity and shine!

This subject has been occupying a central place in discussions at Nomads.usp since some time ago, allowing the Center to remark new connections between its research works. V!RUS 04 is a search for interlocutors that Nomads.usp extends beyond its walls, wanting to listen to them in a debate that will hopefully continue to expand. Therefore, we have opened the floor to any external researcher who was interested in discussing with us, but we also invited some researchers and social actors to express their views on the subject. The result is in the pages that we offer here to reading and delight with its twenty-five texts, thirteen videos, three audios, two architectural projects and dozens of pictures.

This issue counts with 47 external collaborators out of Nomads.usp, considering authors of both submitted and invited texts. They are from 8 different countries – Germany, Spain, England, Mozambique, Palestine, Portugal, Sweden and Brazil – and transit through various knowledge areas as performing arts, cultural animation, social sciences, design, computer science, education, communication, philosophy, psychology, geography, cultural studies, visual arts, history, urban planning and architecture.

We hope that reading this rich material, produced by many hands, bring us wider visions over the subject and stimulate us to be equally propositional in terms of actions able to induce coexistence.

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