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ACCEPTED PAPER for the International Conference McLuhan Galaxy

After a double-blind evaluation process, our proposal “EXTENDED BIOTECHNOLOGICAL BODIES WITHIN A POSTHUMANISTIC FRAMEWORK” is considered ACCEPTED for presentation in the International Conference McLuhan Galaxy. Understanding Media, Today, held in Barcelona, on May 23rd-25th, 2011.

Researchers: Eduardo Mayoral+Carlos Tapia


download the whole paper’s book

This conference has an integrative aim in relation to the other events and counts not only on highly relevant European speakers but also on South and North American contributions. Some of the speakers will present in all venues.

In Barcelona, the organizers would like not only to offer the possibility to think about McLuhan, and to update his thoughts and contributions to our current context, but also to try to “apply McLuhan”, that is to say, to adopt McLuhan’s way of thinking to the format of the exhibition.

One of the consequences of “applying McLuhan” is that the conference will take place during three intensive days and will have a double-folded character. On one hand, the conferences, sessions and round tables in the mornings and early afternoons, at the IN3 and at the University Pompeu Fabra, are for academic and researchers. On the other hand, the round tables in the late afternoons are oriented to the divulgation of McLuhan’s contributions for general public at the CCCB, with real time streaming of round tables.

See Complete Conference Proceedings (Book of papers presented)

The conferences, sessions and round tables in the mornings and early afternoons will be exclusively in English, without direct translations, but the divulgative round tables at the CCCB will count on direct translation.

Other McLuhanian character we would like to highlight is that papers can be presented in different formats in order to preserve the autonomy of language in relation to media. In so doing, paper texts, videos and power points will be accepted as presentation formats.

The conference specially welcomes McLuhan Fellows and aims at being a reference gathering for all those linked to the McLuhan Programme of Culture and Technology, at the University of Toronto since the begining of this programme.

Last but not least the conference counts on high level keynotes like Manuel Castells, Derrick de Kerckhove and Robert K. Logan,  among others.

Videos from ephimeraI8

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