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Accepted paper Conference My ideal City_Venice

Within the European project MIC – My Ideal City, an International Conference took place at the University of Venice, the 12th and 13th May. The main objective of the conference is to discuss the themes of the proposed research such as the relationship between urban planning, cyberspace and science centers together with a discussion on a new approach to urban design.

From Utopia to Non-Place. Identity and Society in the City’s Space
Simona Pecoraio, Universidad de Sevilla, Dpto. HTCA – ETSA


This paper investigates the possibilities of (re)definition of architecture based on a critical reflection on the factors that form the current culture and thought -in an opened frame that includes its natural, artificial and virtual elements, and its mixtures-, to open the complexity of the social changes, and its repercussion on the city’s space.
In this particular frame, and according to the general aim marked by this congress, it describes various matters: from the transformations of the urban dynamics to its implications in the socio-spatial processes, crossing and exceeding its political, social and cultural connotations, taking the city’s space as a reference in the contemporaneousness.
It does not concern to the space of material and dimensional relations, but to the space of the city alive and lived, considered as the sum of the traces that constitute the human realities, where the distance between the constructed world and the imagined world is diluted, and where the city is nothing more than the choice of a shared experience.
The city is a cognitive, interpretative and communicative system, where people, activities and places belong
simultaneously to several types of space, which content is characterized by its non-linearity and by its discontinuity, reflecting the terms of a reality based on the discontinuity, the diversity and the plurality of the events.

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