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International Seminar. (mega)structures, structural imagination and new spatial visions 1945-1970

Politecnico di Milano, November 24-25, 2011
call for papers +info
Since the second world war the increased speed of technological progress brought about by the conflict, a phase of rapid redefinition of the international setting for a political and social utopia, the new dimensions taken on by the culture of leisure time and the centrality of the debate on the synthesis of the arts create the conditions for a new and fertile season of design culture. The contributions from countries which until then are considered peripheral, but which are the theatre for extraordinary experiences in the very years of the war and are quickly noticed by European and US culture, the international and universal expositions, the  multidisciplinary interest in natural forms and structures, the pressure for prefabrication and, a few years later, the myths and rhetoric associated with the space race, favour the extensive circulation of original imageries and models of architecture and settlement. The intensity of such exchanges, also articulated through curtains that were often described as rather impermeable from the reconstructions of the post-war international political context, are increased by the major international success enjoyed by certain leading exponents of engineering culture, from Konrad Wachsmann to Richard Buckminster Fuller, from Pier Luigi Nervi to Félix Candela. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Revista V!RUS#5 y lanzamiento temática para V!RUS#6


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Simona Pecoraio, investigadora del grupo OUT_Arquías, participa con el artículo:

Habitando Atmósferas: tomando forma en el espacio de las ecologías, V!RUS, São Carlos, Brasil. n.5, jun. 2011.

Ya está abierto el plazo de recepción de artículos para el sexto número:


 V!RUS 06: 07 DE AGOSTO de 2011.

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