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Eduardo Mayoral 3er premio HOLCIM AWARDS Europe 2011

Bioluminescent devices for zero-electricity lighting, Seville, Spain

El trabajo de investigación e intervención del miembro del grupo OUTARQUIAS, Eduardo Mayoral, ha merecido el reconocimiento de estos premios internacionales.


Project description
The concept proposes the design and fabrication of glowing devices that do not consume electricity through the manipulation of bioluminescent populations of microorganisms. A species of bacteria that naturally glows in the dark, Vibrio Fischeri, and a species of algae that glows when excited by movement, Pyrocystis Fusiformis, are tested to determine their suitability. The bioluminescent devices can be used for public ambient lighting, natural park illumination, billboards, highway posts and signs, and many other uses. The devices provide illumination without consuming electricity, and explore the opportunities of synthetic biology applied to architectural design.

Comment of the Holcim Awards jury Europe
The jury was impressed by the visionary strength of the concept, with various criteria of sustainability applied and combined in a fascinating manner. Various employments of the technology prove the significance of the bioluminescent devices in terms of ambitious design, minimal energy consumption, minimal cost production, simple construction and numerous fields of application.

2 comentarios»

  María Aguilar wrote @

Muchas felicidades a todo el grupo y especialmente a Edu!

  edu wrote @

… y muchas gracias


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