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Nuevo artículo V!RUS8, Mediaciones: de la representación de la realidad a la generación del mundo

Simona Pecoraio, investigadora de OUT_Arquias publica un artículo (pinchar en la imagen) en la revista brasileña V!RUS #8

v!rus8Presentación del número 9. Abierto a la recepción de contribuciones

On behalf of the Editorial Coordination of the V!RUS journal, of the Nomads.usp

Centre for Interactive-Living Studies, at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil,

I am pleased to invite you to submit an article to its ninth issue

on the subject THE CITY AND THE OTHERS“. Papers can be sent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.  You will find detailed information in the following adress:

The deadline to send contributions is March 31st, 2013.

Please visit the current edition online, V!RUS #08: RE:PRE:SENT.

With kind regards,

associate professor marcelo tramontano

university of sao paulo, brazil

institute of architecture and urbanisme

nomads center for interactive living studies


revista v!rus | v!rus journal



“The city and the others”

How do the different knowledge areas perceive the contemporary city? The theme of the ninth edition of V!RUS journal “The city and the others” seeks to address the broad range of issues that intertwine the urban phenomenon. Through eyes coming from different areas, it is intended to go beyond technical discussions and conceptualizations focused on the physical aspect of the city in order to explore its plural constitution as a locus open to aprehensions, understandings and representations from different perspectives. We are looking for other views on this object which is permanently open for expansion, although extensively examined.

Scene for encounters and misencounters, conflicts, emergences, coexistence of diversities, resulting from sociocultural, economic and political processes, the urban space lives permanent new meaning and reframing processes by the actions of individuals and groups who inhabit it, produce it, study it, manage it, with their numberless of profiles. On the one hand, we are interested in systematical, analytic and critic looks focusing the city. On the other hand, we are also interested  in the many observations that can involve it in an indirect way, widely contemplating life in the city and the complexity that composes it. Using magnifying glasses and filters from microcosms and broader universes, at least two ways to approach seem possible: those that have the city as an object of study and intervention, and those who reflect on the many ways of approaching the city as object.

Works related to all areas of knowledge are invited to discuss this topic, especially: cinema, architecture, urbanism, art, design, sociology, anthropology, geography, environmental studies, philosophy, public health, urban management, information systems, and also music, history, literature, among others. We are particularly yet not exclusively interested in works that emphasize systemic, cybernetics and transdisciplinary approaches. Works whose subject involves the use of digital media, those that put in relation social networks and urban life, that regard interactions within specific urban groups, and that understand the city as a stage for narratives and for individual or collective manifestations are also welcome. Texts presenting design or interventions experiences and historical approaches must be accompanied by a reflection that connects them to the discussion about “The city and the others.”

In addition to written text and static images, we also welcome musical pieces and testimonials in audio files, architectural, urban and design projects accompanied by critical reflection on their conception, videos, short films and animations, considering Nomads.usp’s interest to explore the possibilities of using digital media for scientific diffusion.

Contributions will be received through the journal’s website until the 31th of March 2013, according to the guidelines for authors, available at www.nomads.usp.br/virus/submissao_submission.php

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