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Accepted paper Conference IFW2015 – Nomadic Interiors Forum World 2015

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NOMADIC INTERIORS. Living and inhabiting in an age of migrations.

May 21-22, 2015
Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Conference’s Proceedings are now available, temporarily free of charges, on Amazon and Book Republic at:
The text is cataloged as:
Basso Peressut, Luca, and Marco Borsotti, and Imma Forino, and Jacopo Leveratto, and Tomaso Longo, and Pierluigi Salvadeo. 2015. Nomadic Interiors: Living and Inhabiting in an Age of Migrations. Milan: SMOwn Publishing. ISBN: 978-8-8991-6510-9​


Identity and diversity – whether cultural, ethnic, religious or political – mark our contemporary global context on a daily basis. We live in an age that might be defined by migration, of population flow, by the movement of people, of information, of knowledge… From continent to continent, from nation to nation, from region to region, from city to city, individuals or groups of people overcome geographic borders and cultural or linguistic barriers in search of an economic comfort zone; for a new lease on life for their children; as well as for study purposes; for tourism or to experience new lifestyles and social relations.

Old and new nomads, inscribe traces, invisible or real, on the places they cross and where they stop, generating linguistic, cultural, lifestyle contaminations. They remark, delete or reconfigure their identity, absorbing or rejecting differences. By traveling and stopping – temporarily or permanently – they retrace paths followed by others or design new ones. It’s a movement of global intensification that configures ways of living, inhabiting, and being in the world.

On the other hand, the concept of the Interior has profoundly changed. It is no longer tied to the domestic and work sphere only – a dichotomy that Walter Benjamin used to tie to the capitalist society of the end of Nineteenth century – it now includes all places of associated and collective life. The metropolitan environment, specifically, is characterized by a succession of «internities», sometimes with (transient, feeble, fleeting) or mutating borders, that everyone re-owns in a more or less permanent way.

Proximity, Hybridization, Multiculturalism, Mobility, Identity, Diversity seem to characterize spaces for contemporary life, culture, training, hospitality, leisure, work, commerce and social relations.

  • How much have the concepts of place and identity changed in the age of migrations and multiculturalism?
  • How have the concept of inhabiting and its forms changed in a condition of global nomadism?
  • What new spaces and architectures are generated by the idea and practice of nomadism?
  • How much has the collective space of a society, marked by the intensification of mobility, changed?
  • What effects did the new technologies of access to knowledge have on spaces and shapes of places for culture, museums, libraries, schools, universities?
  • How the idea of contemporary interior has changed and how is it being modified?
  • How to redefine the theory and practice of the project of Interior between globalism and localism?

These are some of the questions which Interiors Forum World 2015 «Nomadic Interiors – living and inhabiting in an age of migrations» poses and aims to seek contributions for critical input.

– See more at: http://www.interiorsforumworld.net/home/ifw2015/#sthash.uBqqYd0L.dpuf


thursday 21st

Welcome from Politecnico di Milano

9.30 | Giovanni Azzone, Rector

Ilaria Valente, Dean School of Architecture and society

Gabriele Pasqui, Director DAS

Opening Speech

9.45 | Luca Basso Peressut, Coordinator DRAIA and PAUI PhD Program

Keynote Speech

10.00| Franco La Cecla, Anthropologist and Writer

10.45| coffee break

Thematic session|Figures of Displacement

11.00|Daniel Cid Moragas, ELISAVA Barcelona


11.30| Peter Leese, University of Copenhagen

Visualising Migrant Interiors: George Sims and Jacob Epstein

12.00|Andrew Martino, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester

The Interior Migrations of Roberto Bolaño

12.30|Jorge Mejia Hernandez, TU Delft

The Snail’s Strategy: Shifting Architectural Interiors and Potemkinization as Urban Resistance Tactics

13.00| lunch break

Thematic session|Hybrid Domesticities

14.00|Hilde Heynen, Universiteit Leuven


14.30|Elena Giunta, Agnese Rebaglio, Politecnico di Milano

Nor House, not Home: Temporary, Hospitable, Cross-Cultural

15.00|Sally Stone, Manchester School of Architecture

At Home in Work

15:30|Eva Storgaard, University of Antwerp

Temporary Appropriation in Transit Interiors: Inhabitation of Shared Spaces in Student Hostels

16.00|coffee break

Thematic session|Interior Landscapes

16.30|Graeme Brooker, Middlesex University, London


17.00|Olgierd Nitka, Hong Kong University

Rhythmic Scaling in Architecture: A Case Study of Fashion Boutiques

17.30|Mark Pimlott, TU Delft

Une Ville Intérieure: The Case of Montréal

18.00|Francesco Lenzini, Politecnico di Milano

Contemporary Public Spaces as Expression of Conceptual Nomadism

18.30|Gregory Marinic, University of Houston

Interstate Migrations: Obsolescence, Adaptation, and the Globalization of the Dead Mall

20.30|social dinner

Friday 22nd

Keynote Speech

09:30|Arianna Dagnino, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

10.15|coffee break

Thematic session|Ephemeral Environments

10.30|Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis, Politecnico di Milano


11.00|Obioma Oji, University of Edinburgh

The Space Between: How People Use Space Efficiently

11.30|Clay Odom, The University of Texas School of Architecture, Austin

Mobile Processes, Transient Productions: Nomadic Spatial Practices

12.00|Tiziano Aglieri Rinella, IULM University, Milano

Reversible Solutions for Temporary Hospitality

12.30| lunch break

 Keynote Speech

14.00|Andrea Branzi, Politecnico di Milano

14.45|coffee break

Thematic session|Heterotopic Interiors

15.00|Fatima Pombo, Universiteit Leuven


15.30|Marie Frier Hvejsel, Anne Marie Fisker, Aalborg University

Learning through Nomadic Interiors: Villa Rotonda through the Lenses of Heterotopia

16.00|Davide Fabio Colaci, Chiara Lionello, Politecnico di Milano

Glitch Interiors: Forms of Inner Nomadism in the Culture of Interior Design

16.30|Marta López Marcos, University of Seville

Inside/Outside: On the Hybridization of Real and Virtual Spaces for Resistant Bodies


Final Remarks

18.00|L. Basso Peressut, Politecnico di Milano

  1. Grafe, TU Delft

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