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Comunicación en congreso SIGRADI 2018 Brasil

This paper presents a particular approach to design processes in urban design, in a transdisciplinary environment. Exploring geotechnologies, information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence techniques and experimental softwares (fuzzy logic and generic algorithm), the workshop “Generation of Urban Connection Patterns”, developed by IAU-USP (Brazil) and ETSA-US (Spain), aimed: to investigate urban space connection patterns in areas of environmental and social vulnerability; to explore formal arrangements in urban design; to foster academic exchange and possibilities of collaborative workshops. The article also discusses the role of computational tools and the implementation of in-person and non-presential methods in the teaching/learning process.

Rodrigues Alves, Manoel; Martins Abdalla, Alvaro; Tapia, Carlos; “Exploring Urban Interventions through Computational tools: genetic algorithm and urban connection patterns“, p. 109-114 . In: . São Paulo: Blucher, 2018.  ISSN 2318-6968 ISBN: 978-85-66624-24-3

DESCARGAR: Exploring Urban Interventions through Computational tools

Palavras-chave: Transdisciplinarity; Teaching and Learning; Genetic Algorithm; Urban Connection Patterns; Urban Design,

DOI: 10.5151/sigradi2018-1616



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